Feeding the Hungry

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A blessed and wise man once said that the best of us feed the hungry and ask for nothing in return.

Giving to charity can take many forms, giving up your time, donating money or using a skill to help others. Any of these “donations” should be looked upon as valid and as a result will make the person “donating” a better person.

Islam has helped me become a better person, by following the simple life rules that are laid out, each day I know that I am becoming an integrated human being, one that offers their help to aid others and in turn allows them to live a life with less burden.

A short while ago the Liverpool Muslim Outreach Society asked me if I could help them. They asked one thing from me.

“Can you help feed the elderly and vulnerable amongst us ?”

My answer was given with little hesitation, “yes, of course” I replied.

I love cooking, it has never been a chore and I am delighted when anyone eats what I create. It was a no brainer to help out, using my skills in the kitchen to help some one who is less able to help themselves.

I was approached by LMOS in June to help with a new project they wished to carry out which was providing a Meals on Wheels service for the elderly and disabled.

I have a great passion for cooking and feeding the masses! This was instilled in me by my mother who was a great cook and new how to use a few ingredients to feed many.

Over the years I have always been cooking for various charities including Macmillan Cancer Research, Felicity house raising funds for Islamic education and even my local mosque when they have held any events.

Food is a great way to raise funds for any charity that is needed, but in this inst