Refugees and asylum seekers need your help today

Volunteers in community service motivated by faith.

Join us to support these people

The unfortunate reality is that there have been major migration and displacement events during the past ten years.  The displacement of millions of people due to conflict, extreme violence or severe economic instability.  If you’re like us, you believe that everyone deserves a place to call ‘home’.  You believe that families and young children deserve safety and security and you want to do something to help.  When you give today you help.

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Help support our work.

Donate the cost of a coffee.

We are self funded and by regularly donating just £5 a month would help support the work we are doing in the community.

Our Focus

Provide Food

Asylum support is £5 a day per person, which is nothing when you need to feed yourself. With your donations, each week we distribute fresh chicken and vegetables.

Provide Clothing

We distribute clothing to those that require and where we have severe cases of no footwear for children, we purchase these with your donations.

Provide Hope

We spend time to engage with the families we meet and give them hope and a smile to show they are welcome.

We need you in this fight against poverty. This is what you can do


When you give, you will be directly helping families, in our locality, alleviate their food worries.  In a time of such great need, we need you on our team more than ever before.  We can not do this work without you.


You can help us expand our reach and impact around our region.  Your time, energy and resources make all the difference to those around us.