Liverpool Youth Questionnaire

Its an opportunity for the Liverpool youth to share your experiences of the quality of Islamic education you receive.  How can we improve it?

Your Shout Survey

Religious schools are a common feature of Muslim life.  The question is how well do islamic schools prepare students to navigate life in the west to become an active citizen.  Survey respondents were between 8 and 24 years old and had undertaken a period of study and live in Liverpool.

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Our Focus

Gather Data

The first step of understanding the problem is to understand the size of problem. This questionnaire is the first step for Liverpool youth to share their experiences


We would like to onboard Islamic organisations to support this fact find so that we all can collaborate on how we can improve and not fail this generation.

Share Analysis

We will share the outcome of our findings on this page in the future. Please do check back and see how we get on.

The Results of the Survey


When you give, you will be directly helping families, in our locality, alleviate their food worries.  In a time of such great need, we need you on our team more than ever before.  We can not do this work without you.


You can help us expand our reach and impact around our region.  Your time, energy and resources make all the difference to those around us.