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MyFaithMyCity is a unique opportunity for people to share their experiences of their faith in their city of Liverpool

Be the voice of the Liverpool Muslim community

At a time when there is so much negative coverage of Muslims, why not play your part in changing things? At a time when community matters more than ever, join like-minded Muslims who want to contribute to enhancing their city.

Release your creativity, and perhaps your hidden talents. Budding journalists? How about starting here? Let’s discover the hidden talents of our community. Poetic or polemic, informative or informal, incisive or inquisitive – show us what you’ve got. We would love posts that gives the wider community an insight to the muslim community of Liverpool.

We are looking to create a community of writers to connect with the wider community of Liverpool and between Muslim cultures. The blog will focus on two simple areas: My Faith My City Your posts could be about anything that fits the criteria above.

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Feeding the Hungry

A blessed and wise man once said that the best of us feed the hungry and ask for nothing in return. Giving to charity can

Volunteer with LMOS

LMOS welcomes volunteers from all walks of life. We have an open policy and it reflects in our ethos when you join the family. Heres a post from one of our most dedicated volunteers.

LMOS launch meals on wheels

Imagine if your own mother was old and alone. Would you want someone, anyone, to care and provide some help? Hidden Hunger and malnutrition in the elderly.

How To Have A Healthy & Energised Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak to you and to your families.
Ramadan is a powerful month-long reset button for self-renewal and self-discovery. This is the month of change and now is the perfect time to start adapting to new healthy habits.

What is Community Sponsorship?

Community sponsorship is a Home Office scheme that enables community groups, such as ours, to become directly involved in supporting the resettlement of families fleeing

A Muslim’s Social Responsibility

There is no doubt in the fact that Islam guides in all phases and facets of a human’s life but what is a Muslim’s social responsibility.

My Community Sponsorship Journey

As the threat of Covid-19 increased around the world and lockdowns became law, I observed many whatsapp stories with words to the effect of “now they will know how the refugees feel.” I found this incredibly disturbing. Why?


Our vision becomes clear
And all that it took,
Was an unprecedented year.


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