Working to fight food poverty within Merseyside

Volunteers in community service motivated by faith.

"best people are those most beneficial to other people"

Liverpool Muslim Outreach Society

Liverpool Muslim Outreach Society is a volunteer organisation working to have a positive impact to help those in need in local society through various initiatives. We welcome volunteers from all faiths and none who would like to make a contribution to society.

Liverpool Muslim Outreach Society were founded in 2018 by volunteers and have been in service to local society driven by our fundamental islamic faith values. 

Since the financial crash of 2008, the UK has undergone austerity cuts resulting in the rise of food banks and people struggling with food poverty.  We have 4 million children suffering food poverty in the UK. 

Get in touch to learn how you can get involved and make a difference to those in need.  Volunteering is a pure sadaqah that all Muslims can do – giving directly by their hands. 

In Islam, helping others and solving their problems is not only an important virtue, it is also a profound act of worship. It is a means of righteousness that promotes peace on Earth and allows us to earn Gods eternal reward in the Hereafter.  

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a smile is kindness is feeding someone is giving water is a nice word is planting a tree is CHARITY

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Liverpool Muslim Outreach Society

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Our Focus

We rely on volunteers and donations to help tackle food problems in our region

We need you in this fight against poverty. This is what you can do


When you give, you will be directly helping families, in our locality, alleviate their food worries.  In a time of such great need, we need you on our team more than ever before.  We can not do this work without you.


You can help us expand our reach and impact around our region.  Your time, energy and resources make all the difference to those around us.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Charity is the central pillar of the islamic faith and muslims are encouraged by their faith to take responsibility in supporting local society by getting involved.  Please contact us if you would like to get involved.  Email 

We need volunteers to help grow our projects.  If you have a passion for an issue in society and fits our ethos we will support it.

The amount of time you dedicate to any activity is entirely up to you.  You will be notified of the activity in advance and you confirm if you would like to get involved. Absolutely no pressure.

None whatsoever.

If you feel passionate about wanting to help people in need.

You can be any age to volunteer – but many some opportunities do have age restrictions. 

Yes, of course.

You are under no obligation to keep volunteering for an organisation if you don’t like it. But it is always worth talking to somebody before stopping.

We would like to thank the local businesses that support our work.