Volunteer Registration

We’re always looking for passionate people to become willing volunteers to get involved and support Liverpool Muslim Outreach Society.  Its through the support of individuals  we are able to do more to assist even more people and relive their food concerns.

If you think you could help us in some way, please contact us.  Alternatively, you could make a financial donation to support our work or even support us on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Volunteer Policy


Liverpool Muslim Outreach Society (LMOS) places great value on the involvement of volunteers and their contribution to its work in various ways, including: 

  • helping to deliver services to meet the needs of our clients; 
  • providing new skills and perspectives; 
  • providing administrative support; 
  • fundraising; and 
  • helping to run events. 

Volunteers make a vital contribution towards the charity’s aims and objectives, and help to enhance the range and quality of services provided by the charity by giving their time, skills, knowledge or experience. 

Policy Statement

LMOS is committed to best practice in the recruitment, support and management of volunteers. This policy covers volunteers acting ‘on behalf of’ LMOS and it is underpinned by the following principles: 

  • LMOS will ensure that volunteers are properly integrated into the organisational structure; 
  • LMOS expects that trustees will work positively with volunteers and, where appropriate, will actively seek to involve them in their work; and 
  • LMOS recognises that volunteers require satisfying work and will help volunteers do their work effectively. 


LMOS is committed to equal opportunities and believes that volunteering should be open to all regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs or offending background that does not create a risk to vulnerable groups including children. If a volunteer has a special need or disability that makes their involvement difficult, every effort will be made to involve them. An explanation will be given if this is not possible. The acceptance of volunteer assistance for a particular role is made on merit, with the sole selection criterion being the individual’s suitability to carry out agreed tasks. 

Information about volunteers which are not relevant to the performance of the volunteering tasks concerned will be disregarded by the organisation in terms of recruitment and selection. 

Volunteers will be given an appropriate level of scrutiny for the volunteering task to be assigned to them. A clear description (verbally and in writing if required) of the volunteer’s role will be given. 

Support, Supervision and Recognition

Each volunteer will have a designated lead, who will be responsible for providing information on LMOS, its policies and provide support for the duration of their volunteering assignments. Volunteers will be properly briefed about the activities to be undertaken and given all the necessary information to enable them to perform with confidence. 

LMOS encourages feedback and volunteers will be given the opportunity, where relevant, to share their views and opinions with the charity’s trustees and staff. 

LMOS will seek to recognise volunteers’ achievements and contributions in a variety of ways. Volunteers will be given formal recognition of their contribution (e.g. internal awards, articles in newspapers and newsletters, thank you letters etc.). 


LMOS values the contribution of our volunteers and aim to ensure there are no barriers to involvement. The trustees are proud of our 100% donation policy and therefore unable to refund for expenses incurred to travel to support our outreach activities.


Volunteers are covered by LMOS’s Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance. The organisation does not insure the volunteer’s personal possessions against loss or damage. 


LMOS places significant importance on the confidentiality and security of individuals’ personal information and we will always try to take appropriate precautionsVolunteers must ensure sensitive information remains confidential; this includes the personal information of supporters, beneficiaries and volunteers, as well as information relating to the overall business of the charity. 

Resolving Problems

LMOS aims to treat all volunteers fairly, objectively and consistently and seeks to ensure that volunteers’ views are heard, noted and acted upon promptly. LMOS will aim for a positive and amicable solution in accordance with the procedures in its Complaints and Compliments PolicyVolunteers are encouraged to raise any problems with their designated trustee at the earliest opportunity, so that issues may be resolved promptly and informally. 

Summary: Rights and Responsibilities

LMOS recognises the rights of volunteers to:

  • know what is (and what is not) expected of them 
  • have adequate support in their volunteering 
  • receive appreciation 
  • volunteer in a safe environment 
  • be insured 
  • know their rights and responsibilities if something goes wrong 
  • receive appropriate training 
  • be free from discrimination 
  • be offered the opportunity for personal development 

LMOS expects volunteers to:

  • be reliable and honest 
  • respect confidentiality 
  • make the most of training and support opportunities 
  • carry out tasks in a way that reflects the aims and values of the organisation 
  • carry out tasks within agreed guidelines 
  • respect the work of the organisation and not bring it into disrepute 
  • comply with the organisation’s policies

Once you have read the policy and are happy to proceed please fill in the form below.