LMOS launch meals on wheels

Imagine if your own mother was old and alone. Would you want someone, anyone, to care and provide some help? Hidden Hunger and malnutrition in the elderly.

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I have always felt great sorrow for elderly people, many of whom have often outlived their families and friends and who live in social isolation which we know is a killer.  Add to that a potential disability and mobility issue and a lack of money where impossible choices like food vs fuel must be made – and it’s a heart-breaking scenario. 

Yet behind thousands and thousands of doors all across the UK, there they are – 1.3 million of pension age people in poverty, living all around us, beside us.  Malnutrition leads to ill health, broken bones, hospital visits, and deterioration. Evidence shows that food poverty is on the rise.

But what can we do? Where do we start?

In Islam, a verse in the Qur’an says that a neighbour, close or distant has the essential right to be helped and cared for to the best of one’s ability. 

I am a non-muslim but doesn’t that sound like the sort of loving society we would all like to live in, especially in our times of need – and especially at times like this in 2020.

I am so super proud to be working as a volunteer with LMOS (Liverpool Muslim Outreach Society), such a great team and their very ethos is about helping those in need in local communities.  

We have just launched a Free Meals on Wheels service, for people who are over 60, may be disabled, and who might suffer from food poverty.  

Initially, we are running a pilot in the L8 area and it is an exciting time organising everything.  What drives me is thinking of all the people we can help and sharing a smile with them at their door. Letting them know through reaching out in this way, they are not alone. We do care.  And if it gives them some peace of mind, in some small way, then I will be happy.



LMOS Volunteer

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