My Community Sponsorship Journey

As the threat of Covid-19 increased around the world and lockdowns became law, I observed many whatsapp stories with words to the effect of “now they will know how the refugees feel.” I found this incredibly disturbing. Why?

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Well my CSI journey started with my friends from a church who reached out to me because as a muslim I shared the same faith as the refugee family they were sponsoring.  I was taken aback by their open heartedness as they never saw a difference in faith as a barrier to help and serve. Now that we are blessed with the same opportunity – God willing- I want to do it with a clean heart. A heart that does not judge or look down on those who are not openly seen to help. A heart that helps everyone regardless of differences in faith or community. A heart that expects reward from God and God alone for my efforts.

On that note, we cannot say that the virus is an opportunity for others to now see their faults. It’s an opportunity for us to help even more people in the same vein that we want to help the refugees. Let charity never be a reason to inflate ones ego unknowingly and resent others who may not have the energy or resources to help. This Community Sponsorship Project will indeed change the life of a struggling refugee family forever who will be suffering even more now with the presence of Covid-19 in heaving refugee camps. I pray that this initiative relieves the hardship of a family in distress. I also pray that, starting with myself, it purifies our intentions and hearts so that we are always seeking what we can do for others rather than what others can do for us. Amen.

Maria B

Maria B

Mother of two and a professional chef specialising in Chinese cuisine

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