of the Qur'an

Quran in Mindmaps - Shaykh Yasir Qadhi lectures

The Message of the Quran

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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi summarises the entire Quran in the 30 days of Ramadan.  This is not a detailed tafsir of the Quran, rather a brief summary into the themes and lessons of each surah.

We have decided to try to summarise the notes in the form of mindmaps for people to easily consume and a visual representation of the lectures.

Feel free to download using the links below and share amongst your friends and family.

Fatihah: The Opening, Supplication to Allah for guidance

Baqarah: The Cow, Israelites, Pharaoh, Moses, Muhammad Pbuh

Baqarah: The Cow, Israelites, Pharaoh, Moses, Muhammad Pbuh

Al Imran: Allah Chose Adam, Nuh, Family Of Ibrahim & Imran

Nisa: Commandments For Inheritance, orphans & Women

Maidah: The Table Spread, Adam sons, Moses, Jesus Disciples

Anam: God vs False deities, Superstitions Related To Cattle

Araf: The Heights, Adam, Devil Refusal, Moses & Israelites

Al Anfal: Rules about the distribution of the spoils of war

At Tawbah: Repentance, Treatise With Polytheist, Battle Of Tabuk. 

This Surah has two names. Al Baraat

Yunus: Signs in Creation, Moses story, Jonah & his community

Hud: Story of Nuh, Ibrahim, Aad and Hud, Thamud and Salih

Yusuf: Joseph story, his trial prison, Positioned As Minister

Rad: Thunder & Angels, Nothing Escape God and All Prostrate

Ibrahim: God, Moses, Satan, Ibrahim, Believers, Wrongdoers

Hijr: The City of Stone, Adam, Ibrahim, Lut, Shoaib, Thamud

Nahl: The Bee, God’s Favors and blessings for mankind

Isra: The Night Journey, Israelites, Adam, Angels, Moses

Kahf: The Cave men, Two Garden, Moses & Khidr, Dulqarnayn

Maryam: Zechariah, Marry, Jesus, Ibrahim & His Father, Moses

TaHa: Moses story, Pharaoh, Magicians, Samiri & Golden Calf

Anbiya: Prior Nations Destroyed Denying Prophets

Hajj: Existence of God, Pilgrimage, 1Day Of God =1000 Years

Muminun: The Believers, Embryo Creation, Religion Is One

Nur: Light, Etiquettes of Social & private Life

Furqan: Criterion, Traits Of Wrongdoers & Righteous

Shuara: Muhammad not a Poet, Quran Not By Satan

Naml: God Speaks to Moses, Solomon’s Miracles, Ants Valley

Qasas: The Story, Moses, Pharaoh, Haman, Median Girls, Korah

Ankabut: The Spider, Nuh & Boat, Ibrahim & fire, Lut story

Rum: Prediction of Romans Defeat, God’s Signs Everywhere

Luqman: A Wise Book, Luqman Story & His Advice To His Son

Sajdah: Prostration, Man Creation, Resurrection, Last Day

Ahzab: Battle Of Trench, Prophet’s Wives, Special Etiquettes

Saba: David Solomon Miracles & Death, Saba People, 2Gardens

Fatir: Angels & Wings, 2 seas, No Change In The Way Of Allah

Yasin: Creation In Pairs, Last Day Scene, Man & His Behavior

Saffat: Arranged in Ranks, Ibrahim;s Sacrifice, Jonah & Fish

Sad: David & 2 Men and their Sheep, Solomon, Job Story, Adam

Zumar: Throng, They havent Appraised God With True Appraisal

Ghafir: Forgiver, Moses, A Believing Man In Pharaoh’s Court

Fussilat: Expounded, Earth & Heavens, Story Of Ad & Thamud

Shura: Counsel, Muhammad Sent With Same Ibrahimic Religion

Zukhruf: Gold Ornaments, Economic Classes, Pharaoh’s Body

Dukhan: Smoke, Moses, Zaqum Tree, Description Of Paradise

Jathiyah: Israelites, Last Day: Nations Crouching & Kneeling

Ahqaf: Sand Dunes, Quran Is Same Old Message, Jinns & Quran

Muhammad: Fighting, Martyr Will Be In Paradise Known To Them

Fath: Dream Of Prophet, God Has Given him A Clear Victory

Hujurat: Chambers, Etiquettes Of Meeting Prophet & Morals

Qaf: God Created Man, He Is Nearer To Him Than Jugular Vein

Dhariyat: Scattering Winds, Ibrahim & Guests, Lut & Angels

Tur: The Mountain, Book, Populated House, Challenge of Surah

Najm: The Star, Description Of First Revelation To Muhammad

Qamar: The Moon, Nuh, Thamud, Salih, Lut’s People Blinded

Rahman: Which Of The Favors Of Your Lord Will You Deny

Waqiah: Inevitable, Last Day All People Become Of 3 Groups

Hadid: Iron, You Are Just A Custodian, Last Day Description

Mujadilah: She who Disputes, Clarifications Regarding Zihar

Hashr: The Gathering, Exile Of Jewish Tribe Of Bani Nadir

Mutahanah: She who is Examined, Women Allegiance On 6 Things

Saf: God Loves Those Who Fight In His Cause in The Ranks

Jumuah: Congregation, Friday Prayer, Muhammad Prophet for All

Munafiqun: Traits of Hypocrites, No Forgiveness For Them

Taghabun: Doubt On Resurrection, Day Of Assembly Loss & Gain

Talaq: Commandments regarding Divorce and Waiting Period

Mulk: Dominion, Purpose of Creation, No Flaw In Creation

Qalam: The Pen, Muhammad Is Not Mad And Has Great Rewards

Haqqah: The Reality, The Last Day

Ma’arij: Ways of Ascent, The Last Day and Its Description

Nuh: Prophet Noah’s Continuous Preaching to His Nation

Jinn: Jinn Heard The Quran, Their Dialogues With Eachother

Muzzammil: The Enwrapped One, Be Ready for The Assignment

Muddathir: The Covered One, Purify & Stand up for The Task

Qiyamah: Resurrection In Fine Detail, Even Same Finger Tips

Insan: Man, Paradise Description, Kafoor, Zanjabil, Salsabil

Mursalat: Those Sent Forth, Description Of The Last Day

Naba: The Great News, Description of Hell and Paradise